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SEO Services helps you to get Traffic, Leads, and Sales

HI! I know you have trouble with SEO because of that you are on this website, we understand that you need quality SEO traffic for your website. And we as the most trustworthy SEO Company in India can help you achieve the same.

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the title suggests, Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing web content in such a way that they seem promising & related to Search Engine’s Algorithms.

If we discuss the world’s largest search engine Google, there are more than 200 acknowledged factors in its algorithm which affects your search engine ranking. such as

  • Your content is unique, high-quality, and appropriate to a topic.
  • Your website having a quality of backlinks and buzz on other associated sites, recommending that it’s significant.
  • Your website is completely developed and the following criteria to improve the user experience, as well as the proficiency
          of search engines to review your site.
  • Hence, if you require to optimize your web content and enhance ranking on search engines mainly Google and other search engines, then you have to keep every necessary factor in the brain.
    In short, that’s what we do as an SEO Company in India or as a matter of fact what any other SEO company/individual does in the setting of optimizing web content for search engines.

    grow your business with us

    How do we work as the best SEO company in India?

    In the definition of SEO, we have a team of specialists with a passion for digital marketing.
    With our team's expertise and sources, we guarantee an increase in the organic traffic of our client's website. From data to strategy and from planning to performing, our company gives complete SEO service depending on our client's budget.
    Our SEO specialists will find suitable keywords according to your business and do market analysis as well as competitor analysis for that keyword. Once the content is built throughout the keyword, gradually and regularly the organic traffic will increase due to our team's expertise in the subject of matter.
    To know more, how we work as the best SEO company in India, read here.

    How Our SEO Experts Operate to Deliver Traffic on Your Website

    Based on the 200 factors mentioned prior, our SEO specialists will do the optimization of your website. With proper tactics and methods, our expertise will facilitate your website to gain more organic traffic. This is one of the reasons why we are considered the best SEO Company in India. In brief, with our tried & valid methods, the organic traffic of your website will assuredly increase. Furthermore, we will do Local SEO or Global SEO according to your requirements. Also, different tactics & techniques will be used based on conditions like E-commerce SEO, Service site SEO, etc.


    Keyword research plays a main role in SEO

    Keyword research is an initial and main SEO task that means identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines -make to figure out what to rank for. Meanwhile, it appears to Search Engine Optimization, choosing proper keywords is the most important part. If you don’t understand what a keyword is; In layman’s phrase, a keyword simply means a phrase around content is created and something that people search for. Shortly, a keyword is a linchpin between the phrases people search for and the content you provide. Hence, doing Keyword research is required. And that’s what we will do for your brand. We will find relevant, relatively high-volume keywords with less competition for your site. Further, we will examine the competition for the keyword and check if it is rankable. Once it’s done, we will submit our research data for your site. Therefore, in the end, with the help of proper keywords, you can produce more organic traffic. As a part of our keyword research, we will examine and find new & relevant keywords, do competition analysis, and additionally provide a list of long-tail keywords too.

    Check your website health

    An SEO audit of a website is required too. It is one of the initial levels of SEO strategy. SEO Audit is something similar to SWOT analysis done in organizations. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. If we linked SWOT analysis with SEO audit, the Strength of your site is measured, the Weaknesses are identified, the Opportunities for better organic ranking are determined, and Threats to the site are excluded. Once we do proper SEO audit, the intent of gaining more organic traffic looks nearer. A different part of the SEO audit is a competition review. Analyzing the competitor’s site in the context of SWOT will give us more accurate data about where we stand. Contact us if you are interested in auditing your site and doing a competition analysis. We provide a wide range of SEO audits like Local SEO audits, SEO content audits, SEO Technical audits, SEO Link audits, Structured data audits, etc.

    Improve your on page score with our seo service

    If you have ever done SEO or even knew about it, you understand that there are two types of Optimization: On-page optimization & Off-page optimization. And we assist with both of them. On-page SEO covers the analysis and modifications of Titles, Meta-tags, Keyword density, Description, Internal Linking, Content size, Content Structure, URL structure, Page speed, Mobile-friendliness, and many more. And as a part of our work, we will do complete On-page SEO of your website and take care of the corrections to be made. With our expertise in doing On-page SEO, we guarantee an improvement in your organic traffic.

    Don't wait for traffic with our off-page optimization generate more traffic

    While On-page SEO is something that a person can manage from the website’s end, Off-page SEO is the exact inverse. Off-page SEO depends on the things that can change the ranking of one’s website outside the boundary of the site. Off-page SEO pivot on factors such as site’s popularity, authority, incoming links, social shares, social bookmarks, etc. In short, the external factors which perform to indicate the importance/popularity of the website to search engine algorithms. Our Off-page SEO experts will examine & execute on all your requirements such as link building, social sharing, social bookmarks, article submissions, guest posting, etc. for your website. Not to neglect that, once the authority is formed using Off-site techniques, it is an asset forever. Hence, if you are looking for an SEO company with skilled Off-page experts, that you are in the right place.

    Content is the king

    Content marketing is all about presenting value by creating relevant content and sharing it with targeted-audience. Plus, it certainly helps in increasing organic traffic. Let me clarify how. More the content you publish, the more it will get indexed by Google bots; and more the pages are indexed, the possibilities of ranking for different keywords increase, which ultimately ends up in the rise of organic traffic. If looked from ‘adding-value’ prospect, the more you put out content, the more the people read. And the more they understand, the more they start understanding your expertise. As a result, if they will ever require service in which you are an expert, they choose You as a service partner. And this is exactly what we will do for your website. Depending on your budget, we will create appropriate content, publish it and promote it to a clearly described audience.

    $100 month
    For Upto 20 Keywords
    $300 month
    For Upto 30 Keywords
    $600 month
    For Upto 40 Keywords
    $1000 month
    For Upto 50 Keywords
    In-depth Site Analysis
    Content Duplicacy Check
    Initial Backlinks Analysis
    Google Penalty Check
    Competition Analysis
    Initial Rank Report
    Keyword Research
    On Page Optimization
    Website Page Load Optimization
    Header Tags Optimization
    HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization
    Internal link structuring & optimization
    Image & Hyperlink Optimization
    Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
    HTML & XML Sitemap
    Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
    Google Analytics
    Title & Meta Tags Optimization
    Page Speed Optimization Analysis
    Sitemap Creation
    Content Marketing (Per Month)
    Blog Writing 1 2 3 4
    Informational Article Writing & Submission 1 2 3 4
    Guest Blog Posting 4 5 6 7
    Infographic Creation & Distribution 1 every 3rd month 1 every 2nd month 1 every 2nd month 1 every month
    Press Release Social Bookmarking 5 10 20 30
    Monthly Reporting
    Search Engine Rank Report
    SEO Reports
    Google Analytics Report
    Activitiy Report
    Monthly Action Plan
    Customer Support
    24/7 Customer Support By Email, Chat, Whatsapp, Phone

    Frequently Asked Questions

      You may see results in 1-3 months. Regarding that 1st page position. It is totally dependent upon
  • Your market (size, competition),
  • Website updates (regular updation gets faster search engine crawling) and
  • Campaign time/budget dependent.
  • Search engine optimization is not just about SERP rankings. You should look at your traffic by source, user behavior onsite, and goal conversions.
  • The higher rank you saw was determined by the search engine based on your location, search history, and other factors.
  • We suggest you start running a PPC campaign alongside the SEO strategy if you have the digital marketing budget. Get help from experienced WordPress developers. It is a WordPress blog you want, or a full-featured website, no hassles. Our developers have operated on lots of WordPress - based websites, ranging from health blogs to big e-commerce stores.

    Remember, SEO is a long term strategy - you improve your website, add more targeted content, and then work on other people finding and linking to your content. Thus, you formulate up your (niche) authority and brand visibility over time.

    In addition to the above-mentioned SEO + PPC campaign, SEO can give you a good search results position if your industry is not competitive and you are the first one to come with a content/linking plan, which is almost impossible today. Every industry is ultra-competitive. You may get good search results, but competition will soon catch up and get up in results pages if you stop the content building/linking work soon. For clients looking for shorter run plans, we suggest 4 months minimum. Usually, a 3 to 6 month SEO plan can help you build and sustain a decent ranking.

    Directories do not work. Blog comments are ‘no follow’ by default and are beneficial in brand recognition only. You can buy a link or two and hope the search engines don’t find out about the arrangement - you have to be discreet and smart (the link must seem natural). Guest blogging used to big until sometime back. Now it is all about outreach. First, we create some good targeted and useful content, and then we reach out to websites in the niche/influencers and media and let them know about your great content/product. Obviously, all this takes time. Obviously, all this is worthwhile in the long run.

    Off-page SEO primarily focuses on links. Links are important for SEO, and probably always will be as they act as a signal that people are finding the content interesting enough to vouch for by linking to it. Amplifying content also falls under off-page SEO. This means promoting content through other channels to encourage influencers, peers, publishers, or customers to share your content or write about your content, with a link back to your site. All links are not created equal. And good links are not easy to come by.

      Linkbuilding is the process of actively seeking opportunities where a link back to your website could be placed. This could be:
  • A directory website (, for example)
  • Local business directories (if you have a physical location)
  • An association you or your staff are members of (CIMA, if you are an accountant, for example)
  • Companies that you partner with (as a supplier or reseller, for example)
  • A blog post or guest article on a site in your niche
  • Press coverage on an industry news site
  • Coverage of research that your business has conducted on publisher sites in your niche
  • Local press coverage
  • Forums and Q&A sites
  • Blog comments
  • Linkbuilding used to be about quantity over quality – now the opposite is true. Linkbuilding takes a lot of time and planning to be done properly, and has become PR focused as more emphasis is now placed on creating high-quality content and sharing it with those who will find it interesting or noteworthy enough to link to.