Is Brand Identity Important for Business?

Corporate Identity is a complete business graphic solution which you use to introduce yourself to your potential clients. Its main focus is a style that is recognizable in every corporate identity graphic design element. Corporate identity consists of 3 principal elements and some secondary ones, the first being logo, business card, and memorandum. A strong understanding of identity grows the company’s presence in the market. It defines the real ‘Me’ in a crowd and makes you different and special. A Corporate Identity shows the loyalty of customers to a particular brand and what it means to them. Digi Designs understands the value of Corporate Identity in the form of logos, trademarks, names and other related things to a company. The identity of a company explains its objectives and business approach. With an established Corporate Identity, your business could easily hit a higher audience and maintain long-lasting relationships.

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How do you want your company’s vision and personality to be observed?

The answers are woven in a well-orchestrated identity, logo and external perspective of the company. Digi Designs understands your passion to achieve a competitive advantage among your competitors in your business niche. The public image given by Corporate Identity draws important for your company’s products and services. Influence and linger in the minds of customers with uniquely designed identity by Digi Designs.

Digi Designs builds an identity with a deliverable impression on awareness. We aim to help you gain the market share and the profit you aspire through branding. Our expert team of designers and visionaries helps you with a clear and consistent method of identity creation and implementation. We build a strong and flamboyant identity that is ever-enduring and gives you clear recognition.

Secondary elements of corporate identity

Secondary elements are envelopes, folders, notebooks, pens, T-shirts, car graphics, banners, pouches, bags, stickers, etc. In developing a corporate identity it is essential to build a style and stick to it. Our team uses its expertise and skills to create a high-quality corporate identity for you. With such material, your business will be identifiable on the market and leave a good impact on your consumers.

Corporate visual identity

Every business should have its identity – a set of characteristics that make it identifiable and unique on the market. Besides this identity, there is also an image – the impact a company leaves on an individual. Such visual identity matters the most in promoting where products, services or ideas are directed towards your target audience through advertisement means. Visual identity is your trademark, a set of all visual and material properties of a product, service, idea or a company, which makes it clear and creates a consistent visual unity of all elements. Visual identity purpose is to enable companies to gain an advantage on the market, change it and keep it. It is generally accepted today that corporate identity lies in its overall communication included in company culture, values, attitudes, strategy, all represented through its visual identity. In a business environment, visual identity reveals a company’s true core.