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Is Your Online Reputation hurting your business?

Businesses and brands that only get one or two stars on websites like Yelp or Google losing 90% of their prospects

Online reputation management is a field of digital marketing that should be considered seriously. Sadly, all it takes is one unhappy customer to negatively affect your brand’s online reputation.

Why Online Reputation Management is Important

    A good online reputation can enhance your bottom line.
  • Nearly 85% of buyers view online reviews before buying.
  • 72% of buyers don't take a step till they read reviews of that particular product - Testimonial Engine
  • Given two products with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the product with more reviews. -Bazaarvoice
  • grow your business with us

    The process of receiving (and responding to) reviews is important.

  • Up to 80% of reviews found from follow-up emails requesting buyers to review their purchases - Power Reviews
  • Brands can expect their medium star rating to improve after emailing buyers a direct link to submit reviews - Spiegel Research Center
  • 41% of buyers say that brands responding to reviews make them believe the business cares about their buyers - Bazaarvoice
  • Even bad reviews can have a positive impact.

  • 82% of purchasers read negative reviews to help them make a choice - Power Reviews
  • 92% of buyers have problems or hesitations buying an item with no reviews - Fan and Fuel
  • 95% of buyers get suspicious of fake reviews if there are no bad scores - Revoo
  • If you own, work or manage a business, then you’ve likely received a negative review from an unhappy customer. Even the most well-known businesses have encountered an unhappy buyer from time to time. Although it might be simple for successful businesses to shrug this off, they are usually surprised to see just how damaging the negative review of even one buyer can be to their online reputation.

    Here are some ways digib2b can help with online reputation management


    Digib2b team prepares a plan of action that includes identifying the root of the problem and coming with a strategy to diminish them.

    Online reputation management

    We monitor and alert you on a real-time basis about any new review (positive or negative).

    No Fake Reviews

    Our team shapes and calibrates an automated process and system that encourages new and positive reviews (we do not employ paid reviews)

    Online reputation management software

    ORMS involves championing favorable content and regulating information available in online forums.

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