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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Marketing)

Search engines are very helpful in connecting users with what they want through their algorithms. Marketers get the benefit of this point. Be noticed by customers the instant they search for the products and services your company offers. And you can rest guaranteed you are getting the best ROI because you pay simply when a buyer clicks on your ad, views your video or calls up your business. ​ We manage Google AdWords, which is the most extensive search network for Pay per click (PPC) campaigns. PPC campaign is an internet advertising model used to deliver traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (Domain owner) when the ad is clicked. It is explained only as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked. This is where PPC (Pay per click, paid search campaign) campaigns are profitable. Needless to say, when it comes to advertising online, the most efficient way of achieving paid traffic to your site is through a successful paid search campaign. However, this is easier said than performed as it is difficult to make a paid search campaign work for you. This is where experts at Digi Consulting can help you complete your business goals.

Why PPC campaigns?

If you cannot choose whether you should take the leap and spend in paid search advertising, allow us to tell you why

Targeted customers

Since people are now searching for the things you offer, paid marketing is deeply targeted. Ads can be managed to reach specific demographics and regions. You can also schedule advertisements according to a prospect’s age, sex or areas of interest.

Superb campaign support

Apart from creating keyword-level targeting and bidding, our dedicated campaign managers examine and test your ads

Speedy results

Your campaign can be higher and running within a day of opening an account with us. This means you start receiving new visitors almost instantly. In contrast, campaigns like SEO take at least several months before delivering results.

Local or global: You choose

A cleverly crafted paid ad campaign provides you full control over the geographies you want to reach out to. You have to decide whether you want to be attracted locally for weekly promotions or to broadcast your advertisement in a different country entirely.

You control the budget

Paid campaigns don’t bind your budget. You can track every money spent on the advertisements and modify your budget whenever you want. We suggest setting a maximum monthly limit for the best ROI calculation.

Traditional vs PPC Campaign

In traditional methods of promotion like TV or print, you pay to get your advertisement promoted at a particular time or in a particular area. But in a paid search campaign, you pay simply for the click-throughs – when someone clicks on your advertisement to visit your website or watches a video or connect with your business, etc.

When you pay simply for those ads that are working for you, getting real and measured returns on your investment becomes completely simple. Now, it depends on you how much you want to spend in the campaign. You can also choose when to start or end the campaign, or how much you want to spend on each click.

grow your business with us
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Display ad

Get your ad displayed in the form of text and banner wherever your buyers are – be it on Gmail or a network of different 2 million websites.

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Video ads

They give a different and unique way to showcase your company in front of your customers who visit YouTube.

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Search ads

Whenever a prospective customer searches for something on Google, your ad will seem next to the search results.

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App ad

The entire Google app network shifts your playfield, sans any app experience, when you choose for an app ad with us.

Management Fees or 10% ad spent
(which ever is higher)
Monthly Ads Budget Upto From
$300 to $2000
Management Fees or 10% ad spent
(which ever is higher)
Monthly Ads Budget Upto From
$2001 to $5000
$349 month
Management Fees or 10% ad spent
(which ever is higher)
Monthly Ads Budget Above
Google Ads
Keywords Research
Ad Copy Development
Bid Setup
Remarketing Tags
Landing Pages Recommendations
Youtube Video Ads
Ad Scheduling Setup
Competitior Analysis
Google Ad Extensions Setup
Mobile Ads
Display Ads 1 Set 1 Set 1 Set
Responsive Ads
Geo Targeting Setup
Google Shopping Feed Management
Facebook Ads
Facebook Tracking Pixel Implementation
Facebook Link Click Ads
Facebook Boosted Page Posts
Facebook Multi-Product (Carousel Ads)
Facebook Leads Ads
Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
Facebook Canvas Ads
Instagram Ads
Instagram Canvas Ads
Microsoft Ads
Bing Product Ads
Microsoft Audience Ads
Linkedin Ads
Linkedin Ads
Campaign Optimization
Keyword Optimization
Ad Copy Optimization
Keyword Bid Optimization
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization
Display Ad Optimization
CTR Optimization
Bid Refinements
Google Analytics
Account & Profile Setup
Implementation of Conversion tracking Code
Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support By Email, Chat, Whatsapp, Phone
Weekly Work Reports
Weekly Campaign Performance Report